How to record google meet on laptop or pc

How to record google meet on laptop

You can easily record Google Meet on laptop or pc. Google Meet is very easy for you to arrange virtual meetings with your students, employee, friends, or teammates. Nowadays, Google meets use for the classes of different educational institutions or the necessary meetings of different business organizations.  Sometimes users may need to record the Google meet session. Suppose an employee of an organization misses a meeting. Google Meet has arranged for him to record the meeting so that he can watch it again. Anyone can easily record a single session of Google Meet.



What is Google Meet?

Google Meet is a real-time video-communication platform tool developed by Google. Google Meet was initially launched in February 2017.  Google formally launched Google Meet in March 2017. Although its popularity is expected to increase manifold in 2020-21. Google Meet is formerly known as Hangouts Meet. More than 30 people can join in a meeting with Google Meet.


Google Meet Features :

We know how advanced Google is in terms of service. Google Meet is a product of Google so that I have to say “All the features you need will be here very easily.” They use technologies like Google AI to improve meeting quality and user experience. Google is constantly adding different kinds of features on Google Meet. Without delay Let’s take a look at the features of Google Meet.

How to use Google Meet For free :

There are many of us who do not know how to use Google Meet. If you do not want to make good use of Google Meet then Then you will face various problems to record Google Meet. So that You need to know how to use Google Meet in the beginning.


Step 1: You must have a Gmail account and sign in to your Gmail account.


Step 2: Go to meet.google.com (or, open the app on iOS or Android, or start a meeting from Google Calendar).


Step 3: Then Click Start New Meeting or enter your meeting code.

Step 4: Then, select Start an instant meeting from the menu.


Step 5: Allow Meet to use a microphone and camera.


Step 6: After Allow Meet to use a microphone and camera. you will see the window like this. here you can control everything like invite someone, block someone, mute mic, off video, share screen, record google meet, change the background, etc.



How to invite someone to a meeting on Google Meet :

Now the question may arise in your mind how to invite someone to your meeting on Google Meet. A host who can invite anyone to the meeting. Each meeting has a specific code or link . by sharing the meeting link or code you can invite anyone else.

Step 1: copy link and send them to Whom you want to invite

Step 2:You can see an icon called Show everyone. Click on that icon and then You will see a list of people who have been to your meeting. then will see an option called Add People. Then enter someone’s email address and invite them.


Step 3: You’ll have the choice to Admit or Deny entry for each person Whom you have invited. Keep in mind that those denied will not be able to join the video chat.



How to join a meeting on Google Meet :

We learned how to invite someone yours. Now you need to know how to join a meeting on Google Meet. You can easily join a meeting with a google meet code or link. You can join any meeting by following the procedure shown by us.

Step 1: Go to meet.google.com and Enter the meeting code or link below

and then click join.

Step 2: Then you will see a window called Name Ready to join. Now only off the permission of the host. It’s time to ask him to join. Click Ask to Join and wait His permission .




How to record google meet on a laptop or pc :

There are several benefits to record Google Meet. For example, at the end of a meeting, you can share the meeting with anyone you want. Suppose one of your employees or students can’t join the meeting. You can share that meeting with him. There are a lot of meetings that some parts of the meeting you may need later. if you record the meeting then You can watch or listen to that meeting again and again. And Google Meet has made it easy for you to record your Google meetings. Though, recording is usually restricted to G-Suite members. However, Google has recently made this feature available to everyone. Although there is an option to record Google Meet, many people can’t use it. And thinking about them, today we will tell you how to record Google Meet on your pc or laptop.


1. Start or join a meeting with the meeting code, then click the three dots icon at the bottom right corner.

2. Then Click the “Record Meeting” option at the top of the pop-up.

NOTE: If you don’t see the “Record meeting” option in the menu on your Google Meet, I think you don’t have the ability to record that Google Meet.

3. Click “Accept” on the “Ask for consent” pop-up box that shown you.

4. Wait for the recording to start.

5. Click the three dots icon again and then Stop recording when you are done. ( keep your mind that the recording also stops when everyone leaves the meeting.)

6: Click Stop Recording again to verify that you truly want to finish recording.


If you do not find the recording option in your system, then you will need to remember that you do not have recording permission on google meet. now Questions may arise in your mind that is “ How do I record Google meet without permission? ”  If you really want to know, then you must take the help of any third-party software. You may need to use a variety of screen recorders to record Google Meet without permission . you can fine best screen recording software here the best free screen recorder for google meet .



How To Download And Save Your Google Meet :

Just like you can record Google Meet if you want you can download it, save it, and share it with someone else. After recording Google Meet you can save it so that You can hear what you need. You can also share with those who could not attend the meeting which will be of great benefit to them. We know that Google Meet usage has multiplied in recent times, for example, Google is now used as a virtual classroom. The whole class of a student may not be comprehensible so if that student can record and save that meeting it will be of great benefit to him later on which a student can understand better. Similarly, if there is a record of a meeting of the company then it can be used for analysis later and those who could not attend the meeting can be shared. So that the importance of downloading what Google I record is immense. Now I will tell you how you can download, save or share  Google Meet Recording.


Step 1: Go to your Google Meet Recordings folder in Google Drive.



Step 2: Select the meeting file that you want to download and then click the “More Action icon”.

Step 3: it’s time to select the Download icon and save it to your device



How to Share Google Meet Recording  :

One of the reasons Google Meet Records is because share the meeting later someone else. You can easily share the recorded part of the meeting with anyone if you want. Your Google Meet recordings are usually stored in Google Drive. You can share your google meet recordings from Google Drive in two ways. The first is that you can do it by sharing the link and the second is by Add People. Let’s see how the recording can be shared from Google Drive.


Sharing the link: You can share your desired meeting with anyone else by sharing the link if you want. Anyone you share the link with will be able to view the meeting by entering that link. If you want, you can restrict it in various ways from the link to the meeting. Select the meeting file that you want to share and then click the “Get Link icon”. Then copy the link and share someone else.


Add People: If you want You can add any Google user directly to your meeting file. Select the recording file you want to share and click on the Add People icon, then enter the Gmail account. Then Click done.



We hope you’ll be able to use Google Met as well as record and share it as needed. using the methods we’ve shown you. I hope you have found the answer to your question ( How to record google meet on a laptop or pc ). Be sure to let us know if you can record Google Meet on a laptop or pc. Also, you can visit our latest post.

















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