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How to Reset Network Settings iPhone or Android


Every mobile phone user should know about Reset Network Settings. There are several options to reset mobile network settings for iPhone or Android. There is no need to factory reset our mobile for mobile network settings reset. It’s very easy, we can easily reset the mobile network settings. Can you be an iPhone or Android phone user? We will highlight the method in the mobile network setting for all of you. We hope that you will get the desired result in the method shown by us, which means you can complete the reset network settings of your mobile device.


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There are reset network settings for Android or iOS users, although they are given differently. Every one of us who uses mobile phones is suffering from mobile network problems. And for this we need mobile network reset settings. When we face the problem of Bluetooth or WiFi-connected in the mobile, just then we can realize the need for it. To solve this problem, many of us know about our mobile reset network settings. If there is a problem with WiFi, Bluetooth, or mobile network, there is no alternative to reset the mobile network if you don’t know very well about the mobile network.

Those of you who talk about resetting mobile networks to fix mobile network problems. They don’t tell you that
, Mobile network settings may cause problems with your phone, or Are the mobile network settings correct or not? If you want to get answers to such questions, as well as your mobile phone network settings. Then you must read our reset network settings post carefully. And then you will get the right idea about your mobile network settings.


What is reset network settings (Android / US) ?

Before you know how to reset the mobile network settings, you need to understand that WHAT IS RESET NETWORK SETTINGS very well? The reset network setting is the state of the mobile network, which is in the network settings of a new mobile. All in all, you have to do is go back to the network settings that you had when you bought your mobile. If you do a factory reset of your phone, your mobile will be converted to a network reset. The reset network setting is the state of the mobile network, which is in the network settings of a new mobile. go back to the network settings that when you buy your mobile. Even if you do a factory reset of your phone, your mobile network will be converted to reset network settings.


Will I lose anything if I reset network settings ?

You may now feel that you may lose something when you reset your mobile network, that is, some of your valuable data. But Actually, this is not happening. I think You should reset your mobile network settings if it’s having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular networks. Resetting network settings won’t delete any of your apps or personal data but will erase saved Wi-Fi passwords and Bluetooth connections. Resetting network settings will not remove any personal information from your phone. All your photos, videos, audio files, contacts, apps, etc. will stay the same.


Does reset network settings delete passwords? 

None of us reset the mobile network as a hobby. You can easily get the solution to your desired mobile network problem through mobile network receipt. . But remember it should not be repeated in any way.


Why do I have to reset my network settings on my iPhone?

iPhone users do not need to reset the mobile network in all their cases. When you switch from mobile data to Wi-Fi, you’re unable to connect to the internet. You have to reset the network settings of your iPhone to connect via Wi-Fi.

Even after knowing so much, you may now think that resetting your mobile network can cause some damage to your mobile. Let’s take a look at what can be damaged by resetting the mobile network without delay.



All of us mobile phone users are connected to the WiFi network at some point. When we are connected to the WiFi network, a setting is created in favor of each WiFi network on our mobile. when we reset the mobile network, first of all, the WiFi network is damaged. This means that all the network settings that I have connected to the WiFi network will be completely deleted with the password. That means resetting the mobile network then you need to reconnect to your desired Wi-Fi network by entering the password. In this case, you need to note down your passwords somewhere before resetting the network settings. So that you don’t have to worry about the next time you connect to WiFi.

If you are an iPhone user, you do not have to bother to record anywhere. Because iCloud has a system for iPhone users. All the WiFi information passwords that you have connected to the Wi-Fi network are all in iCloud. that’s why after resetting the network settings Wi-Fi passwords saved in iCloud Keychain are also deleted after resetting network settings only For iOS users, However, there is a simple trick to avoid that. However, you must turn off the keychain before reset network settings. After resetting those settings, sign in again to Keychain and your passwords will be there.

When you go to reset your mobile network, you must have an idea about your WiFi network and password. So you will not be bothered after resetting the mobile network.



The second step of reset network settings may damage your Bluetooth connection settings. n short, when you reset the network on your mobile, all the Bluetooth connections on your mobile will be removed. All Bluetooth devices you previously connected to will be removed automatically. After resetting network settings, it will forget all the paired Bluetooth devices. You will have to pair them again manually.



A cellular network or mobile network is a communication network where the link to and from end nodes is wireless. You must keep in mind that when you reset your mobile network, the cellular settings of your mobile will be damaged. For those of us who use smartphones nowadays, there are different types of mobile networks (2G, 3G, 4G, or LTE, 5G). Users choose the network of their choice for mobile users. And when the network is reset on your mobile, your preferred network type will return to its previous state.



All of us who use smartphones know about VPN. Yet for those of us who don’t know what is VPN let’s take a look – A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet. VPN can be used to access region-restricted websites, shield your browsing activity from prying eyes on public Wi-Fi, and more. However, I dislike using VPN. Because using VPN can cause different types of security crises for your mobile. In all cases may not be the problem. Since it is a type of networking system, it has some settings of its own. And when you go to reset your mobile network settings, those settings will be deleted.


Why reset network settings :

If you want to reset mobile network settings then must know why you want to reset network settings. You can use the mobile network settings option to solve those problems. Take a look –

  • When Wi-Fi doesn’t connect on your phone
  • cellular data not working
  • Bluetooth doesn’t work
  • Wi-Fi connection keeps dropping
  • mobile network not available
  • cellular data network settings not showing up
  • Cannot make or receive calls
  • When there is no signal on your phone 





So far we have tried to give you an idea about reset network settings. Hopefully, you have some idea about mobile network reset settings. if you think How do I reset my network settings on my iPhone? Now you are going to know how you can reset your mobile phone network settings. We will try to show you, how you can easily reset the network settings on your mobile. If you want, you can easily get the desired result by following the procedure shown to us.



Step 1: Go to Settings on iPhone and find out General . then tap on General.




Step 2: When you open the general settings of your mobile, you will see an option called Reset. It’s time to tap on Reset . 



Step 3 : In this step of reset settings you will get reset options for different types of mobiles. But from here you need to select the reset network settings option , then tap on Reset Network Settings.



Step 4 : If you have a hard time finding the reset network settings option, you can get your desired results by searching directly .


Step 5 : When you tap on Reset Network Settings , You will be prompted for your password (if kept). After That tap on Reset Network Settings confirmation box to validate your action.


If you follow us correctly, your mobile network settings will be reset successfully and your device will restart. I hope now you can reset network settings on your iPhone properly .




I will not disappoint those of us who have Android users. They will tell you how to reset network settings on their Android device. We know that not all Android users have the same phone settings. So reset network settings may not be in the same place for everyone. But I will try to show you how to find the network reset option on your Android device .


Setp 1 : Go to Settings > Network & Internet. Here tap on the three-dot icon at the top. Select Network settings reset > Reset settings.


Setp 2 ( Under System Settings) : Tap on Settings > System > Reset options > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth.



Setp 3. ( Directly Under Settings ) : Open Settings and tap on More. Hit Network settings reset followed by Reset settings.

Setp 4. ( Under Backup & Reset ) : Open Settings tab > Backup & reset > Network Settings Reset. Tap on Reset settings .


Are you able to reset the network settings on your device? If you can reset your device to the network in the way we have shown, your desired problems will be solved. If you can’t solve the problem of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular connection of your mobile in any way then I think you should take the reset network settings option. However, you must keep in mind that the mentioned settings will be deleted. Apart from the mentioned problems, your mobile will not have any problems. So you can use this reset network settings option to solve your problem if you want. Which many have been using for many years. you can see our more latest blog post






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