The Best Gluten Free Pizza In Toronto

The Best Gluten Free Pizza In Toronto

” Maybe Gluten is good ” You may not like what I say. Because this is a controversial comment . I think You may be wondering where to find Gluten free pizza Toronto .Through this post I will try to let you know where you can find best gluten free pizza Toronto. But before that we have to talk about gluten.


Find Out  Best Gluten Free Pizza In Toronto

Gluten is the stick that holds nourishment together .There are many of us who have celiac disease and As far as I know, they must be avoid gluten . Many of us give up thinking about health, and there are many who like gluten very much . Basically Gluten pizza increases those health risks , Gluten Pizza originated with their words in mind .

But the sad news is that most of the Gluten pizza alternatives that are available are not good . Once looked for after gluten-full dishes presently beneath the name of gluten-free or gluten-smart frequently disintegrate in your hands – or taste like a mattress . You may think now, then what is the way? There must be a way –

No worries, we’ve made it a lot easier for you. we’ve gone through the exceptionally strenuous assignment of examining gluten-free batter all over Toronto city .Using this experience for your convenience , we have tried to make a list where you will get Best Gluten Free Pizza and that will be good for your health. So let’s find out at a glance where you can find Gluten free Pizza in Toronto City .


Top 10 Gluten Free Pizza


Pizzeria Libretto 

It took a year to invent the gluten free pizza recipe by Chef Rocco Agostino . Because he does not agree to compromise about taste .  He always wanted his gluten free pizza to be best one And his attempt did not fail .He was able to successfully create gluten free pizza . This pizza is now famous all over the world, it is very difficult to find someone who does not like his pizza.

The result may be a delicate, chewy and marginally charred pie that imitates the first. It indeed puffs around the edges. By utilizing rice and buckwheat flours, Rocco has made a outside so top notch it’ll make you need to arrange gluten-free fair for the hell of it.

Suppose Pizzeria Libretto have different types of branches around the world . And in continuation of this there are several branches in the city of Toronto . For Example –


Pizzeria-Libretto – Best Gluten Free Pizza In Toronto


Pizzeria Libretto University ( 155 University Ave )

Address : 155 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5H 3B7, Canada

Phone : +1 416-551-0433

For Order : ubereats.com, skipthedishes.com

Google reviews (2,491 )  : 4.4 out of 5 .

Most Use full Google Review :

” We came here with my mum for her birthday right before indoor dining shutdown again and enjoyed a pretty good dinner here with lots of pizza and wine. The dough they use here for the pizzas are VERY addictive and the calamari is wonderful. The sauce for the calamari is so unique and so so delicious! Definitely worth getting takeout from here and support local! ”

Pizzeria Libretto ( 221 Ossington Ave )

Address : 221 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 2Z8, Canada

Phone: +1 416-532-8000

For Order : ubereats.com, skipthedishes.com

Google reviews (1,285)  : 4.6 out of 5 .

Most Use full Google Review :

“I’ve been to Pizzeria Libretto many times and each time I was very happy with the service provided. The staff was always friendly, accommodating, helpful and enthusiastic. I love the atmosphere of the spot. It’s cozy and inviting. The food is amazing! I love a great pizza and Pizzeria Libretto delivered each and every time.

The selection and quality of the pizzas offered is impressive and I encourage you all to try what ever is available. I cannot wait to visit Pizzeria Libretto and I highly recommend this spot to anyone!”

Official Websites of Pizzeria Libretto – https://www.pizzerialibretto.com/

Pizzeria Libretto ( 550 Danforth Ave )

Address : 550 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1P7, Canada

Phone: +1 416-466-0400

For Order : silverwarepos.com, ubereats.com, skipthedishes.com

Google reviews (1,306)  : 4.5 out of 5

Most Use full Google Review :

“I was so pleasantly surprised. I had the Marinara (vegan) and the sauce was so delicious with garlic and fragrant basil. The crust was perfect. Will definitely be returning. Very affordable vegan option, fast and friendly service and definitely enjoyable. There’s a patio with good distancing.”


The Parlour :

This restaurant was open for less than a year but it is as of now making a title for itself when it comes to a gluten-free outside that’s consumable and scrumptious. No one ever imagined their  gluten-free pizza would be so popular in such a short time . It incorporates a rise on it, which is unordinary for gluten-free, and a chewy surface comparative to normal pizza batter.

In reality, we couldn’t tell the difference .at first , in this Gluten Free Pizza A mix of tapioca starch and rice flour is rolled out . After That put in a separate oven to crisp up the delicate dough . There have been a number of pizza farewells to the arrival of this Gluten Free Pizza . More Details about below .


The Parlour – Best Gluten Free Pizza In Toronto


Official Websites  – http://www.theparlourrestaurants.com/

Address : 642 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M7, Canada

Phone: +1 416-583-2642

For Order : ubereats.com, doordash.com

Google reviews (265 )  : 4.4 out of 5 

Most Use full Google Review :
“Nice atmosphere, good pizza, accessible location. Also has an outdoor patio and good variety of drinks selections available.” by Nicole Britton


The Parlour Pizza prices are given for your convenience

All pizzas can be ordered gluten free – add 4$


Blaze Pizza :

Gluten is one amongst the foremost vital structure-building proteins liable for the appealing quality and structure of wheat-based product. Its distinctive elastic properties render the event of gluten-free dough that has similar quality and structural properties a extremely difficult task.

Pizza dough created from gluten-free formulations lacks a cohesive and elastic nature because of the absence of gluten. Within the recent past, varied different approaches are adopted to switch functional attributes necessary for gluten-free pizza development.

Casual chain outpost getting ready personalized thin-crust pizzas able to dine in regarding 3 minutes.


Blaze Pizza – Best Gluten Free Pizza In Toronto


Official Websites of Blaze Pizzahttps://www.blazepizza.com/

Address :10 Dundas St E #124, Toronto, ON M5B 2G9, Canada

Phone:+1 647-933-1028

For Order: skiphes.com

Google reviews (1855 )  : 4.5 out 5

Most Use full Google Review :

“Amazing place to eat pizza. Where do I begin?

The dough : nice thin and cool way to press it down
Ingredients: Fresh lots of variety & vegan friendly
Taste: 10/10
Staff: Very nice and welcoming”


Those who are considered as Blaze Pizza owners – Rick Wetzel (Co-Founder) Elise Wetzel (Co-Founder) Brad Kent (Executive Chef) Mandy Shaw (President, CEO) .

Blaze Pizza prices are given for your convenience



Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria :

You love pizza however can’t have wheat or gluten? Well we have the right solution for you. Our Gluten Free Pizza Crust makes its means into grocery . Currently you will produce your own Italian-style masterpiece with our gluten-free pizza crust!
Made with the best quality ingredients while not preservatives in a very dedicated gluten, dairy, soy and nut free facility, this crust has exceptional flavor and texture your whole family will enjoy. Add your favorite toppings for the right pizza that’s right for you.

Canadian chain offering a relaxed setting for pizza, also a modest drinks list.


Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria – Best Gluten Free Pizza In Toronto


Official Websites of Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria  – https://famoso.ca/

Address: 386 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1X4, Canada

Phone:+1 647-748-2333

For Order: famoso.ca, ubereats.com, doordash.com, skipthedishes.com

Google reviews (912 )  : 4.4 out 5

Most Use full Google Review :

“This place is a great spot if you fancy a super nice pizza. Great date spot if you plan on it. Had their create your own pizza plus their daily drinks. Not too bad. Would suggest the create your own pizza for sure.”



Pi Co :

Our gluten free pizza pie come in our revolutionary oxygen-free Stay-Fresh Package that permits you to stay the
unopened pizza pie crust recent in your storage room for months without freezing it! You will able to keep them handy for that anytime pizza pie desire.

We’re best for delivering fresh and innovative pizza. We’ve different branches in the city of Toronto. Such as:


Pi Co – Best Gluten Free Pizza In Toronto


Official Websites of Pi Co : http://www.pi-co.ca/

BAY AND BLOOR ( 1200 Bay Street Toronto )

Address: 1200 Bay Street Toronto, Ontario, M5R 2A5

Phone:+1 647-346-7428

For Order : ubereats.com, doordash.com, skipthedishes.com

Google reviews (563 )  :4.2 out 5

Most Use full Google Review :

“The best thing about this place is that you customize your pizza the way you want. All the toppings are right in the food bar in front of you. This reminds me with Subway restaurant.”

YONGE AND EGLINTON ( 2177 Yonge Street Toronto )

Address: 2177 Yonge Street Toronto, Ontario, M4S 2A9

Phone:+1 416-792-4826

For Order : ubereats.com, doordash.com, skipthedishes.com

Google reviews (379 )  :4.3 out 5

Most Use full Google Review :

“Good pizza, tasty toppings and quick service. Overall a good stop for a fresh pizza. The cashier who served me was really cute too, so that’s a bonus!”

UNIVERSITY AND ADELAIDE ( 170 University Avenue Toronto )

Address: 170 University Avenue Toronto, Ontario, M5H 3B3

Phone:+1 647-350-8484

For Order :ubereats.com, doordash.com, skipthedishes.com

Google reviews (410 ) :4.1 out of 5

Most Use full Google Review :

“The best gluten free pizza I’ve ever had!! I’ve tried it twice now and it’s SO freaking good!! Takes pizza night to another level!! Doesn’t seem like you’re eating gluten free at all, the taste and texture are amazing!! I want the recipe!! 100% recommended!!”




Queen Margherita Pizza :

A widespread belief says that in June 1889 the pizzaiolo Raffaele Esposito, Pizza parlor Brandi’s cook, fabricated a dish referred to as “Pizza Margherita” in honor of the Queen of European nation, Margherita of Savoy, and the Italian unification, since toppings are tomato (red), mozzarella (white) and basil (green), representing the same colors of the national flag of European nation.

While the name Pizza Margherita may have been popularized due to the Queen’s visit, a pizza made with the same toppings was already present in Naples between 1796 and 1810.

Each restaurant reflects the unique character of the neighborhood it’s a part of. Every dish at each location has been created by the Queen Margherita Pizza team.

Queen Margherita Pizza’s has  three different branches in the city of Toronto. For Example:


Queen Margherita Pizza – Best Gluten Free Pizza In Toronto


Official Websites of Queen Margherita Pizza’s : https://www.qmpizza.com/order-delivery-now

LESLIEVILLE ( 1402 Queen St E. Toronto )

Address: 1402 Queen St E. Toronto, ON M4L 1C9

Phone: +1 416-466-6555

For Order :ubereats.com, doordash.com, skipthedishes.com

Google reviews (741 ) : 4.4 out of 5

Most Use full Google Review :

“This place clearly knows how to satisfy their customers. Regularly with a super friendly demeanor. The food is affordably priced, regularly flavorful and clean.”


BABY POINT ( 785 Annette St. Toronto )

Address: 785 Annette St. Toronto, ON M6S 2E4

Phone: +1 647-748-4666

For Order : ubereats.com, doordash.com, skipthedishes.com

Google reviews (458 ) : 4.2 out of 5

Most Use full Google Review :

“Lovely staff, great interior and pizza was yum. Loved their kale salad as well.”


DUNDAS WEST ( 772 Dundas St. W. Toronto )

Address: 772 Dundas St. W. Toronto, ON M6J 1V1

Phone: +1 647-345-4466

Google reviews (748 ) : 4.4 out of 5

Most Use full Google Review :

“Staff is kind and accommodating. The pizza is on the higher end for what you get, so shop around if you are looking for larger pizzas at a lower price point. Other than that great atmosphere for a date or night out with family and friends.”



Virtuous Pie :

A gluten free pizza shell would be created with ground flour from a range of various sources, like almonds, rice, corn, and even beans typically.  Finding these flours for your restaurant may be difficult, and pricey; and it’s one thing you don’t get to do. Come to detorious where we have lots of gluten-free products to settle on from and provides your customers the best, without worrying about finding specialty ingredients.

Virtuous Pie Toronto is an elevated fast-casual restaurant, focused on handcrafted pizza.


Virtuous Pie – Best Gluten Free Pizza In Toronto


Official Websites of Virtuous Pie : https://virtuouspie.com/locations/canada/college-st/

Address: 611 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1B5, Canada

Phone: +1 647-729-9943

For Order : virtuouspie.com

Google reviews (750 ) : 4.4 out of 5

Most Use full Google Review :

“Delicious unique plant based pizzas and cool atmosphere. Definitely worth a visit!”



Pizzeria Defina :

When it involves food, some folks rely on food being protein free, as foods with protein in it will cause sizable organic process problems or worsen pre-existing conditions. protein could be a chemical found in several grains and is taken into account a macromolecule. The grains that protein macromolecule square measure found in square measure primarily all grains, however specifically wheat, barley, and rye. folks that ought to follow a protein free diet ought to avoid foods containing these ingredients, however because of the increase in quality of this dietary would like, substitutes like protein free pizza pie square measure coming into the thought market place – and you ought to offer them in your pizza pie place, too!

For enjoying best gluten free pizza, stay with “pizzeria defina”.


Pizzeria Defina – Best Gluten Free Pizza In Toronto


Official Websites of pizzeria defina  : https://www.pizzeriadefina.com/

Phone: +1 416-534-4414

For Order : ubereats.com, doordash.com

Google reviews (505 ) : 4.7 out of 5

Most Use full Google Review :

“The food was exceptional. The manager came over to introduce himself and was very nice and welcoming to our family. We had a wonderful time, we will certainly be back.”



IL Fornello :

Gluten free dough is created of varied ingredients with the addition of agar agar. xanthan gum and varied starch and fine-grained legume grains. once mixed and baked the starched and gelatins kind a bond that hold the mixture along however is mild enough to digest within the abdomen of somebody who has celiac.

We offer much more than just “Toronto’s Best Pizza”. At IL FORNELLO we believe that simple, fresh ingredients, prepared and cooked with love and passion become truly great dishes, from pizza to pasta to entrées and more.

For our customer’s we have different branch in  Toronto city .They are:


IL Fornello – Best Gluten Free Pizza In Toronto

Official Websites of Apiecalypse Now – https://ilfornello.com/

IL FORNELLO on King ( 214 King St W, Toronto )

Address: 214 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 3S6, Canada

Phone: +1 416-977-2855

Google reviews (762 ) : 4.1 out of 5

Most Use full Google Review :

“This restaurant is fantastic! The food was excellent and the service was the same. We ordered the chicken parmigiana and lamb shank and we were not disappointed. The lamb was so tender and the mashed potatoes was delicious. The chicken parmigiana was flavorful from the bite I tried. Their bread is really good too. We will definitely be back!”


IL FORNELLO on Danforth ( 576 Danforth Ave, Toronto )

Address: 576 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1R1, Canada

Phone: +1 416-466-2931

For Order: ambassador.ai, ubereats.com, doordash.com, skipthedishes.com

Google reviews (855 ) : 4.3 out of 5

Most Use full Google Review :

“Food was delicious, chose the wine myself that complimented the food. Server confirmed wine choice. Food was fresh, and tasty. A little pricey but good for the quality.”




Apiecalypse Now!:

In order to induce food like pizza pie in protein morpheme, you’d have to be compelled to prepare the pizza pie with dough that has fully no protein in it. protein free pizza pie crust is a way to remain on the protein free diet while not having to stress concerning the complications that escort protein super molecule.

To enjoy trusted gluten free pizza take a visit with us.


Apiecalypse Now – Best Gluten Free Pizza In Toronto


Official Websites of Apiecalypse Now – https://apiecalypsenow.shop/

Address:  735 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G 1L5, Canada

Phone: +1 416-516-4555

For Order: apiecalypsenow.com

Google reviews (1441 ) : 4.6 out of 5

Most Use full Google Review :

“I love this place, I come here on the regular. The food is great and the prices are even better. The Big Mac pizza and poutines are definitely my favourites. I love the relaxed staff and the metal music blasting.”


If you are now wondering how to make Best Gluten Free Pizza . Then you can easily learn how to make Gluten Free Pizza by watching this video


We hope you find your favorite Gluten Free Pizza from this list . Our list is based on the city of Toronto only . In this post we have basically tried to make a list through our own experience and Google analysis. We may not meet with you. But I can say that you must like every Gluten Free Pizza listed here.We have not tried to make any organization small or big through this list. It is entirely our own opinion.


If you find Best Gluten Free Pizza in your favorite city of Toronto from this post, be sure to share our post . don’t forget to let us know if you have any comments about this post. And of course read the blog posts I hope you will benefit

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